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Korker Bows


I love doing things with you. You are such a happy smiley baby that you make everything fun!

I decided that you and I should try and make some of your bows. I kept running  all over the place trying to find bows to match your outfits. If I did not buy them in a store I was purchasing your bows off of etsy. The bows seemed somewhat easy to make.

I looked up directions on how to make korker bows online and I was sure that we could make them. It seemed easy enough.


We went to Hobby Lobby and got all the supplies we needed.


We set everything out and got to making the bows.


We followed the directions the best that we could. 🙂


I was very worried that the bows would not turn out very good. To both of our suprise, they wern’t half bad.

It was a lot of fun to make these bows. I can’t wait to make more with you.


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