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My Darling,

You are a healthy and beautiful baby girl who we can not wait to meet. Your Father and I are anticipating your arrival into this world. We can not wait to meet, see, hug and love you! From the day we found out we were blessed with you our hearts have been full of love.

We want the best for you in your life. We keep guessing about what your personality will be like. What color hair or eyes will you have. It is hard being so close to you and yet we can not touch or soothe you.

This journey the three of us are about to embark on is one of the most amazing things either of us have ever done. We want to be the best parents for you that anybody could ever ask for. Our faces light up at the thought of you. When we see your kicks and jabs in the belly we are amazed every time. You would think that after seeing your movements over an over we would stop being so enthralled. However, the opposite happens, we become more and more giddy and excited with each jab you give.

As your Mother, I have had the joy and pleasure of watching the changes with in my body as you grow and develop. I fall more and more in love with you every minute, hour and day.

I can not wait to hold you in my arms. I love you, Sophia.

Love ,

Mom and Dad


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