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Rolled Over


You are an amazing baby! On Friday,January 28,2011 you rolled over for the first time. We were playing with one another and you rolled from your tummy to your back. After you did you first roll you looked up at me with this terrified look  on your face. Your eyes got very big and round. Your father and I were so proud of you that we began cheering you on and clapping  our hands. You then got a big slobbery smile on your face. You were so pleased with yourself and our response that you had to do it again and again.

You are such a treasure!


Your Parents


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I want you to know how much I love you! It is an easy sentence to say but I promise to live my whole life showing you how much I love you. I can honestly say that I have never felt love for someone like I have for you. It is an amazing feeling that engulfs my whole being.

I look at you and I see the world in a different light. I look at you and I want to keep you safe and secure. I want to wrap you up in my motherly arms and protect from anything that could possibly hurt you. It is my duty to give you the tools necessary to make it in this big wide world.

Since I have lived and walked the paths that you will venture onto I want you to learn from my mistakes. I know you are going to feel as though you must experience these things yourself. However, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to walk the same trails that I did. I want you to see where I could have walked a different road and I want you to take the new road.

I don’t want you to take life to seriously. Enjoy the small and the big things alike. I want you to understand that we can even celebrate perceived failures. Thomas Edison said” I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that do not work.”

I want you to understand that heartache will happen to you but that time will truly heal all wounds. There may be a time when a friend stops talking to you or a boy breaks up with you and you feel distraught and hurt. The pain will go away. The hurt you feel in that moment will go away. Remember that what bothers you one day will be a distant memory in days to follow.

When you obligate yourself to something do it the best that you can at all times. If you join a sports team make sure you do your best at every practice and every game. When you go to work  “work in a way that your employer is constantly thinking of ways to keep you rather than reasons to keep you.” Be brilliant and shine in everything you do.

Always stand up for yourself and your beliefs. No matter what other say be true to yourself. Set values for yourself and live by them.

Love God always and live to be the best child of Christ that you can be. We have been given the amazing gift of eternal life.

Remember that we are not put here to judge others. We are to love others and be kind to everyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Help others, don’t always think about yourself. Try to always see the positive in others.

I would like you to wait to date until you are much older. It is not as though I do not want you to date because I want to keep you to myself. It is because it is a waste of time at a young age. I want you to figure out who you are with out the influence of a boy distracting you. There are more important things that a young woman should be focused on then the acceptance or attention of a young man. I want you to be an independent  and self sufficient woman. I do want you to fall in love and get married to the man of your dreams. I want to see that day you walk down the aisle and take the hand of your new husband.

I want you to know that you can come talk to me about anything at anytime. It does not matter if you think that what you must say is silly or insignificant. If you want to talk to me, please do. If you feel as though what you are going to tell me may upset me or hurt me, please tell me anyways. I want to be there to wipe the tears from your face. I want to be there to congratulate you when you succeed. I want to be there when you feel lost and need someone to bounce new ideas off of. I want to be there when you just want to chat about what is going on in your life. I am your mother and I will love you no matter what. You are my daughter and you are a gift to me. I want to be here to help guide, direct, comfort and love you.

I wish much success for you in your life. I feel as though that will come from education. I want you to focus on school and do well. I want you to go to college and get a degree in what matters and interests you. I want you to have a financially secure life as an adult that will not distract you from happiness in life but that will enable you to enjoy life.

It is important that you keep you promises and your word.

When it comes to your life, Dream Big! Set goals for yourself and do your best to accomplish them.

Don’t be scared to try new things.

Don’t be jealous of others. If they have more than you than work harder to earn them. Do not waste your time on being jealous of someone else’s looks. You are a beautiful girl who is unique and wonderful in your own way. Remember that you do not know everyone’s real situation. Be grateful for  what you have and what gifts you were given.

Laugh hard and laugh often. Laugh so hard that your belly aches and tears come streaming down your face. Enjoy each and every moment that you are given.

Don’t try to please everyone. Sometimes you have to say, No.

Learn to forgive and forget.

Help others without expecting anything in return.

I want the best for you in all that you do. You are my child and I will love you forever.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.

Love forever and always,

Your Mom

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Our first Christmas as a family was magical. It was such a joy having you with us to celebrate the Holiday Season. Even when I was pregnant with you I could not wait to have this first Christmas with you. Your father and I would talk for hours about what we wanted our family traditions to be. Your birth has sparked such excitement in the two of us. This Christmas and all the ones we get to have with you for many years to come will build memories in our minds that will forever make us smile. Our first  Christmas sure did!

We began setting up the Christmas tree on Saturday, December 4,2010. You were completely enthralled with the lights on the tree. As soon as you saw the lights you began to smile and babble at them. It was one of the most adorable things we have ever seen. We did not want to take you away from the lights so we decided to complete decorating the tree at a later time.

We finished decorating the tree on Sunday, December 5th after we came home from taking our first family Christmas photos. We had tried to take our pictures the Sunday after Thanksgiving but it was not in the cards for us. You cried the entire time we were trying to take pictures. In order to ease the stress on you and us we decided to reschedule our appointment for the following weekend. The second time around was a success. We got some great family pictures. It was a blast taking our first family Christmas pictures together. I felt so happy having you and your dad in the photo room with me. I love all these firsts that we are sharing with one another. Each new memory we build together as a family is so special. You have brought a new meaning to life for me. You make your Father and I want to be the best that we can.

Here is a picture of your first Christmas tree.

Here is our first family Christmas picture.

Your first Christmas picture.

On December 19, 2010 you went to visit with Santa Claus. You were such a good baby when you were visiting with Santa. Santa Claus had come to my work for our employee party. Everyone at work enjoyed seeing you for the first time.

Here you are with Santa.

We opened our stockings on Christmas eve. You had some books and Christmas pajamas in yours.

After you opened your stocking we got you in your Christmas pajamas.

We baked cookies on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas morning you opened your presents with your Father.

After you opened your presents we just relaxed while your father made  breakfast.

We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner that included a tasteful Prime Rib made by your Dad. Your Uncle Zeke drove up to eat  dinner with all of us.

It was a wonderful first Christmas. We enjoyed starting some new family traditions that we are looking forward to carrying  on with you for many years to come.

We see who we want to be, in our daughter’s eyes.


Mom and Dad

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