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The Day You Were Born

Dearest Sophia,

We are a little late in posting this blog but the days and weeks since you were born have gone by so quickly. We have been very wrapped up in loving and caring for you that it has been hard to find time to write. We did not want another day to go by without sharing your birth story with you.

Friday, October 8,2010 started as any other day. Your Father and I got up, got dressed, and went to work just like we had done the day before. We decided that we would both leave work a little early and grab some lunch before we went to your 39 week doctor appointment at 2 pm. We wanted to be on time to your  appointment so we chose to get something quick for lunch. We decided on the salad bar from Marie Calendar’s. We had a delicious meal and the conversation revolved around you and the anticipation of hearing your heart beat.We both felt so close to you when we could hear your heart beat. We would close our eyes and hold onto each others hand every time. It truly was magical. Just knowing you were safe and ok was the best feeling. However, every time the doctor would put the machine on my belly to hear your heart beat you would kick it.  We always joked that  we were invading your space and you wanted us to know each time. You always made us laugh when you would do that.

After lunch we drove to the doctor’s office. We had walked into the waiting room right at  2 pm. Our name was called and we went back with the nurse.  At your 39 week appointment I had gained 30 lbs.  At 39 weeks my belly was huge. I could barely walk and I was very swollen. My belly was so large your father had to help me get dressed every morning. It was pretty funny! My feet were so swollen that I could no longer fit into regular shoes. I had resorted to wearing house shoes that looked like black ballet flats.

Everything was fine with me and you at the appointment. Toward the end of the visit Doctor Braser-Giles checked to see how effaced and dilated I was. I was 90% effaced and 2 centimeters dilated. Dr. Braser-Giles was sure that I would go into labor with in the week. We were all hopeful that I would. After the doctor left the room I went to change into my clothes. As I was putting my pants on I felt water begin to run down my leg. I secretly thought  I had peed my pants. I was so embarrassed as your Father was sitting right next to me. I must have had a perplexed look on my face because your Dad looked at me and asked if everything was ok. In a very timid voice I told him that I thought I had peed my pants. He started to chuckle and said wouldn’t you know if you peed your pants. The water kept running down my leg and at that point I realized that my water had broken. My heart about fell out of my body because I knew at this point I was so close to meeting you. We got a nurse to come into the room and make sure that it was amniotic fluid that was now puddled all over the floor. It was in deed amniotic fluid. With tears in our eyes your Dad and I embraced each other knowing that we were about to become parents.

The hospital you were born in is in the same building as your doctor’s office. They put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me over to our labor and delivery room. At this time it was about 3:00 pm. I can not explain to you how scared and nervous I was. I had no idea what labor would feel like. I was also very worried about you. I wanted you to be ok through the whole process. Once we got settled in the labor and delivery room it was about 3:25 pm. At this time I did not feel any pain associated with contractions and I thought that I could stick with my original plan of having a drug-free birth.  At around  4 pm the contractions were coming along so strong that I was sure  I was dilating very well. This was about the time that they checked me to see how labor was coming along. To my dismay I was only about 4 centimeters dilated and I was still 90% effaced. I had a way to go before I was going to get to hold you. Then the contractions began coming very fast and the pain was growing unbearable. It seemed just as one contraction was ending another would begin Your Father was such a wonderful support through the whole process. He would hold my hand and let me squeeze it as hard as I needed to. It was now about 6:30 pm and the pain was getting to be too much for me. I was starting to seriously consider getting the epidural. I talked to your Dad and the nurse about it. The nurse checked me again and I was now 5 centimeters and still 90% effaced.

Just mere moments after the nurse left the room  I looked up at your Dad and said I NEED THE EPIDURAL, please go get the nurse. Being the good man your Father is he immediately ran after the nurse and told her to please call the anesthesiologist.I had my epidural with in the next 30 minutes. What a relief I felt once everything was in place. With in minutes I was able to close my eyes and get some rest.

Since your arrival was a little earlier than planned I had not packed our hospital bag or put your car seat in the car. We called your Uncle Hugh to come and stay with me while your Dad went and packed our bag.  Your Uncle Hugh came to the hospital right after work. He showed up around 7 pm. At about this time  Doctor Solomon came in with the nurse to check and see how labor was progressing, At this time I was just about 6 centimeters and still 90% effaced.

I was numb from the waist down with the epidural so the nurse had to come in periodically and rotate me from side to side. I am sure it was a site to see. We were hoping that the rotations would help my cervix efface. I was so close to being 100%. Doctor Solomon thought my labor was progressing very slow and was concerned with the stress that labor may be causing you. I asked him to be patient and to give me some more time. I could tell that he was thinking about giving me a c-section. He agreed to give me some more time.

Time seemed to move very slow and I was silently praying with every passing minute that you would be ok and my body would do what it needed to do. At around 4 am Doctor Solomon checked me again and I was 9 centimeters dilated and 95% effaced. Labor was moving along and we were both hopeful. At around 4:30 am I was 10 centimeters dilated and 98% effaced. This was great news. This meant that we were getting so close to meeting you. The excitement and anticipation were building. At around 4:45 am Doctor Solomon came in and suggested that I begin pushing. I pushed and pushed but I was not having a lot of luck with getting you out. There was still a small lip in my cervix that was making it hard for you. I pushed for about two hours. At  7:00 am we had a long talk with Doctor Solomon about preparing me for a c-section. All parties involved felt that this was the best option.

At 7:25 am I was being wheeled into the operating room. The anesthesiologist began administering more medicine that numbed me from my armpits down. I had an odd reaction to the medicine and I immediately began to shake profusely. It seemed like hours that I was laying on that table alone waiting for your Father to come and be by my side. He finally did arrive and held my hand and comforted me with wonderful words and adoring kisses. At 8:08 am we heard your beautiful cry. Tears came streaming down both of our faces. I have never heard anything more beautiful than the first time I heard you.

You were born on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 8:08 am. You were 7 lbs 9 ounces and 21 inches long.

You are our miracle! Our love for you is beyond words!

Love Always,

Your Mother and Father


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